Kissa Jo is a Haitian American actress best known for her fierce role as Sasha in the popular Netflix series The Lover and Friends Show.

Growing up with Caribbean parents, her father a deacon and her mother a Sabbath school teacher, Kissa was surrounded by discipline and high expectations. With the many hats she had to wear and the expectations she had to meet, acting came easily. A naturally vibrant and dramatic child, Kissa’s parents struggled to mold her into the modest, meek young lady they groomed her to be. Perfection was a religious expectation in every aspect of life along with physical appearance. Kissa was overweight growing up resulting with constant battles with low self-esteem and thoughts of inadequacy fueled by the opinions of others.

Things changed throughout the years and with the transfer from private to public school, her parent’s divorce, and getting her first car, Kissa found herself and her own voice. She was determined to be great! The Miami streets sometime got her in trouble, but even with its challenges, she experienced some of the best moments of her life. She was suspended for skipping school once, and that act of defiance resulted in a blessing. Who gets blessed by suspension you ask? Kissa does! Kissa was touched by fame when she met and hugged the King of Pop himself…twice. And Michael knows a star when he sees one…he held on to her face and parted ways with a kiss…swoon. Even the principal had to smile when they saw her on the evening news, everyone knew this baby was gonna be a star. The best part of it all is that Kissa finally believed! Once she let go of the expectations and the opinion of others, she was able to find her true self, whom she realized was a force to be reckoned with! From her first audition she nailed a costar role that turned into to a lead role on a Netflix series.

Drama films gravitated towards this sensual, feisty, confident and seductive actress yet she is no stranger to comedies or classical theater. Kissa is a Jill of All Trades as a model, singer, host, makeup artist and brand ambassador. While steadily learning and working on her craft, Kissas’ passions have lead her to activism promoting the message of self-love and self-care! Kissa is currently producing an HIV awareness film directly linked to her nonprofit for HIV awareness, education, and prevention. KissNTell the film and nonprofit is rooted in Atlanta and strives to help the at risk community. All updates on this and more can be found at

When you let go of who they expect you to be, you become who you’re meant to be, and Queen, I hope you know you’re more than enough; You’re perfect! Kissa Jo

I am the depiction of beauty, brains, and talent inside and out, no matter what society perceives me to be!

— Kissa Jo —

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